"We lacked confidence presenting our products internationally."
We lacked confidence presenting our products internationally.
— Axel M., Germany

WilsonsWriters levels the English language playing field so your global business can compete successfully.

If your small or mid-sized company sells in the global marketplace, where English is the language of business, language barriers could be holding you back. Poor grammar, misspellings, and awkward phrasing diminish customers’ trust in your product or service, and hurt sales. 


The cost of hiring a marketing or advertising agency is prohibitive, while independent writers and proofreaders often lack industry specific knowledge, an understanding of branding, and time when you need them.

Large multinationals have marketing and advertising agencies at their fingertips to ensure market success while small and mid-sized companies have few affordable options. This is where WilsonsWriters changes the game. 

At WilsonsWriters we Professionalize™ English language content... at a price your business can afford.

As published in the Harvard Business Review

"With the growth of internet-based commerce, it is the small and midsize companies with poor English skills that are getting left behind. Awkward phrasing, grammatical errors, and misspellings undermine their efforts to win customers. Good business language support needs to be accessible (and affordable) to everyone."  

Karen Wilson, founder, WilsonsWriters

Our writers are highly skilled communicators with significant business experience. In addition to industry-specific knowledge, most have a background in marketing, journalism, or public relations.


We also conduct business writing seminars and provide on-site business English assistance for meetings, presentations and events. 

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