WilsonsWriters Levels the Business Language Playing Field

Added on by Karen Wilson.

Berlin, Germany 1987. I found myself working at a large producer of paper materials and office supplies. My job was to publicize these products in Germany and abroad, primarily in the USA. One day I worked on products aimed at children. I was reading through English language ad copy and came across this one:  The handy desk caddy: everything your child needs for his/her desk: paper clips, stapler, pencils, pencil sharpener, and a RUBBER. It was hard to contain myself.


This error was caught before it went public, and luckily before things could go viral! Today, more than ever, business language mistakes cost a great deal in terms of loss of customer trust and lower sales.

How unfair it seems that large, multi-nationals have marketing and advertising agencies at their fingertips to ensure market success while small and mid-sized companies have few options. With ecommerce dominating business expansion, it is crucial to bridge this gap in an affordable and effective way.

Fast forward to 2011. WilsonWriters is born with one goal in mind: To level the business language playing field so your business can thrive globally.