Forbid me, forbid me not, forbid me….

Added on by Karen Wilson.

Some writing has the same effect of fingernails scraping on a chalkboard. (What’s a chalkboard mom?) It is writing so absurd that the mind actually cringes.  It is writing so idiotic it should be forbidden.

Here’s an excerpt of a book description from a health food newspaper.

 “This short book is written as if a forbidden part of your mind were breaking all the rules by telling you the truth…So many of us are tormented by self-criticism, low self-worth, bad habits, resentment, rejection, inner emptiness or isolation…This is more than a fun and interesting book. Your Achilles Eel is based on science…The core concept in this book has been the subject of over 300 research papers published in medical journals. Amazingly, you have never heard of the authors!”

Can you hear those fingernails?