Being Real in Business and the Bottom Line

Added on by Karen Wilson.

Tantalizing headlines and hyperbolic statements are hard to resist when sharing business news with others. Social media has taught us that catchy titles and crazy stories attract viewers. But before you start marketing your business to get attention, consider whether you aim for short term or long term impact. 

Remember that person you used to know who always seemed to be the center of attention? Where are they today? Chances are they've either modified their behavior a lot or dropped out of sight altogether. 

Companies, too, are personalities.  The ones that scream "look at me" may do well for a short time, but eventually the audience (customer) moves on to the next flashy headline. Meanwhile, the steadfast companies resist the urge to use big and boastful language, aiming instead to create trust and loyalty. Good customers like authenticity and so does the bottom line.