"Competitors were passing us by even though our product is better."
Competitors were passing us by even though our product is better.
— Ri H., Taiwan

WilsonsWriters works on single assignments or on retainer depending on your needs.

No matter the scope of the project, we have a fee structure to fit your budget. 

W ilsonsWriters will  Professionalize™  your English language business presence quickly and affordably

Single Assignment

$85 - $105 USD per hour, depending on the complexity of the service provided.


Basic Retainer*

$400 USD includes five hours per month of business writing assistance and professionalization. Optimal for small and mid-sized companies with a global presence requiring an occasional review of presentations, website content, and documents, or assistance with a one-time project of larger scope. Recommended for startups looking to immediately and affordably professionalize their image. A minimum of two months is required.



Premium Retainer*

$750 USD includes 10 hours of business writing assistance and professionalization per month. This package provides high-growth organizations frequent assistance with presentations, website review, and documents. May include day-to-day support with business correspondence and larger projects. A minimum of two months is required.

Basic and Premium retainer clients enjoy 15-minute billing increments 

*Basic and Premium have the advantage of 10-minute billing increments.

WilsonsWriters Executive Services

Includes on-call support for business correspondence and private business language coaching for key executives. Personal assistance is available on-site for business negotiations and events. Contact us for details and pricing. 

WilsonsWriters Training Webinars and Business Writing Seminars

Contact us for details and pricing.