WilsonsWriters will improve the quality of your content

Improving the Quality of Your Content

In essence, the customer has initiated a conversation with you before you even know they are interested in your products and services.
— Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute

Almost two-thirds of customers conduct their own research and then contact vendors, not vice versa, according to ITSMA, a research-based membership organization that works with the world’s leading professional services, technology, and communications providers.

WilsonsWriters improves website content

So to even have a chance of being considered in a purchase decision, you need to begin forming a relationship with customers online before you even know they are looking.  Forming a relationship with a customer demands more than simply providing information about your products and services.


It means building trust that they can buy from you with confidence. The best way to do that is to make your company a customer’s most valuable resource in their buying decision research, by educating them about your industry, what solutions are available to meet their needs, what best practices are in your industry, and what questions they should ask to arrive at the best solution.

Customers trust high quality content


According to Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, providing this information or content on your website and in other marketing materials tells customers that you are a leader in your industry (even if you aren't the largest company), that you are authoritative, and that you believe that a customer who knows all of the choices available will choose your products or service. Most importantly, it builds trust.

High quality information on your website also attracts Google and other search engine users looking to learn more so they can make a better informed buying decision. This content must go beyond details about your products or services. Providing information that helps customers improve their knowledge and skills builds a foundation for a relationship with customers that can lead to immediate and future sales.

WilsonsWriters improves the quality of your content
The majority of organizations are set up to sell products and services, not to create and deliver consistently valuable editorial products.
— Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute

The key to success in content marketing is the quality of the content. That’s where WilsonsWriters can help you. WilsonsWriters improves the quality of your content beyond proofreading and editing.

WilsonsWriters associates are industry subject matter experts

First, the WilsonsWriters associate assigned to your project is a subject matter expert in your industry (or your customer’s industry), ensuring that your content uses the most current industry terminology. Your WilsonsWriters associate is also knowledgeable about marketing, so you can be sure that your content will be focused on your customers’ needs.


Together, making sure your content is free of errors, integrates the vocabulary your customers use every day, and focuses on your customers’ needs adds up to content that:

  1. builds trust
  2. provides value 
  3. improves business

WilsonsWriters provides free evaluation of your website and other marketing materials and works with every budget to find an affordable solution. Learn more, or contact us today.