Global business competes in English. But translating your company's story into English is not enough. 

Translation captures basic meaning, but leaves a communication gap that can keep customers from contacting you or from purchasing your product or services. 

Many translations contain poor grammar, misspellings, and awkward phrasing that can hurt a  customers’ trust. Also, translations don't often capture the local nuances of a culture or the industry specific vocabulary. Finally, translations fail to tell your company’s  story in a way that sets it apart from the competition...and this results in lost sales.


WilsonsWriters bridge the communication gap and help improve sales.

First, we correct, edit, and rewrite your message in mother tongue English with the customer in mind. 

We ensure the integrity of the message using accurate industry terminology. Using the correct words tells customers that you understand  their business and that they can trust you.

WilsonsWriters work with you to understand what makes your product or service unique.  We review the competition in order to better communicate your competitive advantage. Most of our writers are knowledgeable in marketing and branding techniques and strategies.


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