"Even with a superior service we were not attracting new customers."
Even with a superior service we were not attracting new customers.
— Elzbieta L., Poland

Do any of these business English challenges sound familiar?

Competitors are passing us by even though our product is better.
We have a great product but customers are hard to win.
We lack confidence presenting our products internationally.

WilsonsWriters professionalize™ your English language business presence and help you win customers. If you think it costs thousands of dollars to create excellence, think again. WilsonsWriters is not a marketing or advertising agency  - and we provide so much more than translation.

WilsonsWriters are business writing experts and content specialists. Our associates are well-versed in multiple industries and marketing savvy. We have low overhead so our rates are reasonable. In short, WilsonsWriters is an affordable strategy for increasing global business success.

WilsonsWriters - business writing and content specialists:

  • professionalize™ your English language translations   Why?
  • revise messages to improve their quality, clarity and impact   How?
  • review your website for alignment to branding, message effectiveness, and impact on different audiences 
  • provide Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting and English language content marketing and strategy 
  • draft or rewrite corporate documents including: employee handbooks, policies & procedures manuals, company histories, leadership profiles, internal documents, newsletters, blogs, sales literature, customer/client correspondence
  • proofread business documents, websites, and correspondence 
  • draft executive correspondence, including annual reports, speeches, presentations, and confidential written communications
  • ghostwrite articles, books, and corporate histories
  • conduct business writing seminars
  • provide on-site English language assistance at meetings, presentations, and events
WilsonsWriters Professionalizes documents with expert editing and proofreading
WilsonsWriters associates are expert writers

Quick Turnaround

Your business moves fast - sometimes too fast for you to carefully review every memo, report, presentation and manual. WilsonsWriters matches your pace. As you complete a task or project, we quickly evaluate it for accuracy and impact, leaving you free to get on with your business.


Confidentiality and Security

WilsonsWriters handles you documents with  confidentiality and security

Your most confidential documents are safe with us. All of our associates work under strict non-disclosure agreements, documents are stored on 256-bit EAS enterprise servers using systems that audit all file and user activity and are transferred via SSL encryption to certified antivirus- and firewall-protected PCs.

Affordable Rates

Hourly fees begin as low as $85 USD for single assignments. Retainer packages start at $400 USD per month. Project-based pricing is also available upon request. Quotes are free. Our work is guaranteed. Contact us today.

Global competition demands polished communication.  
WilsonsWriters helps you shine.