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Email has become the single most important marketing and customer communications tool. Whether it is a marketing message to thousands of prospects, or to an individual customer, your email needs to be perfect. One mistake and your message loses its impact.  The following email demonstrates how WilsonsWriters improves clarity and increases professionalism in the revised version.


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Tip of the day: To help buyers find you more easily, upload additional products with quality photos and detailed descriptions.


Industry Expertise

WilsonsWriters assigns projects to its writers according to their industry specific backgrounds and expertise. The following document demonstrates the importance of sector knowledge, in this case legal language, when rewriting for a specific audience.

Significant Amendments to the Italian Bankruptcy Code

The Italian government recently amended significantly the Italian Bankruptcy Code (legge fallimentare). These changes, along with other measures, aim to re-launch economic growth. 

Most notably, the procedures for execution of two types of restructuring agreements have been finalized: the concordato preventivo and the accordo di ristruttarazione dei debiti. The concordato preventivo provides for more extensive intervention and control by the bankruptcy court, whereby bankruptcy settlements are valid and binding for all creditors of the distressed company – even those dissenting. 

The accordo di ristrutturazione dei debiti, on the other hand, binds the distressed company and only those creditors entering into the restructuring agreement. 

The primary intent of these reforms is to: (a) encourage more expedient detection of corporate crises; and (b) remedy problems that arose from interpretation and application of the restructuring sections of the earlier Bankruptcy Code.

In particular, the former restructuring procedures:

(a) lacked specific requirements for the reorganization plans;

(b) presented conflicts of interest by allowing auditors hired to investigate a failing company to also draft the restructuring plan and;

(c) provided inadequate protection of the distressed company during the time between acknowledgment of its financial crisis and acceptance into the restructuring process. 

Specifically, the concordato preventivo addresses the following:

  • Restructuring applications need no longer be submitted at the same time as the restructuring plan and other documentation as previously required by law. This revision was inspired by the Chapter 11 provisions of the US Bankruptcy Code.
  • In order to ensure the continuing flow of supplies and financing during the restructuring process, the law prevents the trustee from impeding payments and refunds through the use of an “action to set aside.”
  • Debtors in bankruptcy proceedings are protected from creditor lawsuits through the prohibition of interim actions, known as a “stay” in U.S law. Previously, only enforcement actions were prohibited during a bankruptcy proceeding.
  • Under the code amendment, the bankruptcy court may authorize the debtor to terminate third-party contracts in exchange for the payment of compensatory damages to the third party. Under this measure, unprofitable and burdensome agreements that might otherwise jeopardize the restructuring effort can be eliminated. 
  • In an effort to encourage reorganization as opposed to liquidation, the concordato preventivo fosters the continuation of business by enabling debtors to tender offers with public bodies; eliminating clauses allowing for termination of contracts with companies in bankruptcy; and allowing privileged creditors to postpone payments for up to one year. 

Furthermore, the reform introduces the following crucial amendments to the accordo di ristrutturazione: 

a)  When executing an accordo di ristrutturazione dei debiti, the capital released through debt reduction does not generate taxable income amounts exceeding the tax loss of the relevant fiscal year or the tax losses carried forward from past fiscal years. 

b) Credit losses arising out of court-approved accordo di ristrutturazione dei debiti (debt restructuring) may be deducted from the taxable corporate income by the creditor companies.

Finally, both the concordato preventivo and the accordo di ristrutturazione dei debiti include the following improvements: 

  • New, more stringent provisions requiring auditors to demonstrate independence in order to prevent conflicts of interest between the auditor and the debtor, including criminal sanctions against auditors that issue false statements or omit important information when attesting to the feasibility of restructuring plans; and 
  • The elimination of the requirement to restore corporate capital during the restructuring process. This innovation not only allows a distressed company time to prepare the restructuring plan without the pressure of regulatory deadlines but, above all, eliminates the requirement to spend money to increase corporate capital after a loss, a requirement that jeopardized attempts at re-launching or restructuring.

Thanks to these corrective measures, we are confident that the number of successful restructuring effort s in Italy will increase in coming years. By aligning its bankruptcy laws with those of countries that designed and adopted similar procedures and witnessed favorable results, we can avoid bankruptcies that jeopardize the economic fabric of Italy. 



A flyer is a quick and simple way to let customers know about a special event or promotional offers. Because there is less copy, every word matters more. Compare how WilsonsWriters simplified the original wording of a flyer and corrected the use of idioms. 



“Post of Meishan Island” (artist representation)


Meishan Island will illuminate your trade understanding. Join us for a complimentary lunch briefing and learn about:

  • This is a newly developed 38.3 km2 investment area.
  • Access to China and connect World through 7.7 km2 Ningbo Meishan Free Trade Port Zone.
  • Re-location opportunities: 3-hours away from Shanghai.
  • Chinese government fully support for policy, tax and related procedures.
  • Local cooperation and partnership.



Port of Meishan Island (artist rendition)


Meishan Island expands your trade horizons. Join us for a complimentary lunch briefing to learn about:

  • Highlights of our 38.3 km² state-of-the-art investment area
  • Access China with the  7.7 km² Ningbo Meishan Free Trade Port Zone's worldwide connections
  • Re-location opportunities – only 3 hours from Shanghai
  • Attractive Chinese government incentives and special programs
  • Local cooperation and partnerships


What first impression are you making?  Minor changes to the language can have a major impact on the marketing effectiveness of the medium. In this example, WilsonsWriters helps a website create a better first impression and a stronger marketing statement by tightening up the language and by adding crucial details.    


Home Page: 

Knox Oilfield Supply, Inc. was established in 1978 by Scotty Knox with over 25 years of experience in repair and development of downhole pumps. Acting President of Knox Oilfield Supply, Dan Knox has been working with the company since day one. 



Home Page: 

Knox Oilfield Supply, Inc is a family owned and operated business. Established in 1978, it specializes in the repair and development of downhole pumps and is a major supplier of quality oilfield production equipment. 

About Us: 

Knox Oilfield Supply, Inc. was established in 1978 by Scotty Knox with over 25 years of experience in repair and development of down hole rod type pumps. Acting President of Knox Oilfield Supply, Dan Knox has been working with the company since day one. 

Knox Oilfield Supply established its business vision with two main goals in mind: 

  • To provide extraordinary service to the oil and gas producers in the West Texas area.
  • To work directly with Producers to increase production and run times on their downhole pumps.

Knox Oilfield Supply, Inc. has grown over the years with more stores throughout Central, South, and West Texas, with plans to develop new stores in the future. 


About Us: 

Established in 1978, Knox Oilfield Supply, Inc. is a major supplier of quality oilfield production equipment, with more than 25 years of specialization in the repair and development of downhole rod type pumps. 

As a family owned and operated business, Knox Oilfield Supply provides its customers a valuable experience by 

  • bringing extraordinary service to the oil and gas producers of Texas 
  • working directly with producers to increase their production and run times on downhole pumps 
  • offering a large inventory of quality oilfield production equipment, fast delivery, exchange service and onsite repairs.

Knox Oilfield Supply has grown by customer referral throughout Central, South and West Texas. Additional locations are planned for the future. 


Original Writing

WilsonsWriters can create original content for any project.  Most of our writers have 20+ years of professional experience which enables them to write in an "authentic voice."  A well-delivered message results in greater success as was the case with this letter of intent.

WilsonsWriters Original Copy – Letter of Intent on behalf of ECOLIFE Foundation, San Diego CA

Dear Mr. Forward,

On a single day in 2001 an estimated 250 million Eastern monarch butterflies – one third of the entire population – froze to death as a result of ongoing deforestation of the Oyamel fir forests in Michoacán, Central Mexico. Every year 1.6 million women and children die due to chronic smoke inhalation from open cooking fires. These two tragedies, while on the surface seeming far apart, are actually closely intertwined and preventable. If the indigenous population living around the butterfly sanctuaries were able to use more efficient wood-burning stoves for cooking and heating, there would be a significant reduction in the deforestation of the trees on which the monarch butterflies depend, and fewer smoke-related illnesses and deaths.

With this letter, the ECOLIFE Foundation of San Diego, requests the consideration of the Heller Foundation of a grant of $55,000 which would fund 200 highly efficient wood burning Patsari stoves at a cost of  $_____ and would also allow us to plant 10,000 Oyamel fir trees ($____) replacing parts of the forest and slowing destruction of the butterfly habitat. Thus, this grant would both help save the monarchs and improve the lives of some 1,000 people in Michoacán province who are dependent on Oyamel firewood for cooking and warmth.

The Patsari stove is 60 percent more heat-efficient than cooking over the traditional open fire and reduces respiratory ailments by at least 35 percent by decreasing hazardous smoke emissions. The fuel efficiency of the stove means that 40 percent less wood is needed and, consequently, fewer trees are destroyed. Currently, more than 100,000 trees each year are cut for fuel around and within Central Mexico’s 140,000-acre Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve (MBBR) in Michoacán province. This tree-cutting has opened huge holes in the forest which serves as the butterflies’ winter home, and enables cold to penetrate their habitat and ultimately destroy them.

Since 2004 ECOLIFE Foundation, in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Group on Appropriate Rural Technology, the World Wildlife Fund, Cuatros Elementos and The Michoacán Reforestation Fund, has served families in several ejidos (distinct independent communities with their own governance), which are selected based on their proximity to the butterfly reserves and high impact on these forests. These communities are very close-knit and rightfully protective of their ability to govern themselves. ECOLIFE respectfully informs the community members of the number of stoves it can provide and they themselves determine where within the community the stoves will go. The goal of this ongoing project is to build as many fuel efficient stoves and plant as many Oyamel fir trees as possible to protect the over-wintering habitat of the monarch butterfly and improve the quality of life of the people surrounding it.

Bill Toone, executive director of ECOLIFE Foundation and the project’s principal investigator, has worked in the monarch butterfly sites in Mexico for the past 5 years overseeing the distribution of 700 stoves to date. For over 36 years, Bill has devoted himself to conservation science and sustainable ecology. As the former curator of Birds for the Zoological Society of San Diego, he spearheaded the Zoo’s Condor Program, which helped restore the Condor population, developed the Zoo’s renowned live butterfly display house, and implemented endangered species programs in six countries. Bill works on this project in Michoacán with Lee Ernest Pagni, an expert in renewable natural resources, and a trained staff of four. 

Recently, ECOLIFE Foundation signed a bi-national initiative announced by California Environmental Protection Agency Secretary Linda Adams and Mexican officials at Governor Schwarzenegger’s Climate Summit in Los Angeles. This agreement enables ECOLIFE to plant trees at the MBBR to help the state meet its mandate to lower emissions of carbon dioxide and heat-trapping gases. With your contribution of $55,000, you can join this international effort to slow the destruction of the monarch butterfly habitat, improve the air quality and health of 1,000 people, and help rebuild the Oyamel fir forest with the planting of 10,000 new trees. As Bill Toone explains, “The management of these forests is so much more than simply a wildlife conservation story – it is about entire communities of people very much dependent, as we all are, on wildlife resources.”

We look forward to submitting a full proposal for your consideration. We would be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Please contact me at (760) 535 6556 or by email at candersen@ecolifefoundation.org.

Many thanks for your consideration.


Christine Andersen Program Director, ECOLIFE Foundation


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