Why translations need translating

Google can translate it, but only WilsonsWriters can professionalize™  it.

English is the language of global business. If your first language isn’t English, your business probably struggles to express itself eloquently. No matter how good your product or service, if your website and brochures are flawed, you may struggle to win customers.

A recent survey* shows that:

“A total of 46 percent of US consumers have cancelled plans to spend with a small business after discovering a poor quality website...”

Key among consumer frustration is poor language. The truth hurts, but now you can do something about it quickly and affordably. WilsonsWriters works with English websites and documents of any quality and turns them into powerful sales tools. We call it professionalization.

WilsonsWriters is much more than editing and proofreading – offering marketing and industry expertise – at significantly less cost than brick-and-mortar marketing or advertising agencies.

*research conducted by 1&1 Web Hosting, 2011


Three reasons a direct English translation fails to sell.

Translators or not necessarily good writers.

It's Not Well-Written

First, a good translation does not guarantee good use of language. Many English translations are filled with spelling errors, incorrect grammar, poor punctuation, and just plain bad writing. This alone causes many customers to search elsewhere for products or services.

Few translators understand the current industry terminology used by your customers

It Doesn't Build Trust

Second, translators don't necessarily understand the current industry terminology used by your customers. In order to sound authentic, you need to know the business and speak its language.  Customers trust someone who speaks like they do.

The unique “voice” of your native language message is often lost in translation

It Doesn't Sound Like You

Finally, your unique image helps you stand apart from the competition. And this often gets lost in translation. WilsonsWriters emphasizes the need for excellent writing skills, industry knowledge, and a marketing/advertising background. This combination ensures that your business keeps its personality.


 WilsonsWriters professionalizes your existing English language materials into powerful, sales-generating tools.