WilsonsWriters provides Google optimized SEO copywriting

Optimization by WilsonsWriters

Many Search Engine Optimization (SEO) providers claim that they can raise your ranking by various tricks and secret techniques. The truth is that Google is very open and clear about the optimization practices that raise your Google page rank, and those that work against you.

Many companies have been hurt by having their sites “optimized” with SEO tools that Google sees as trying to trick their search algorithm – so called "black hat" techniques – and which Google then penalizes, dropping those companies’ ranking, or even blacklisting them.

Help Google help you.

Google is in business to help its customers – people searching on Google – to get the best possible results from their search, to find the highest quality information on the topic they are searching for. Google is an advertising medium. They are the same thing for the Internet as a network is for TV. The more people search on Google, the more money Google gets from advertising. Your website is the Internet equivalent of the TV program. If Google sends customers to your website and people don’t like what they see – if the program is lousy – then fewer people will search on Google.

So Google rewards websites that provide good information with good Google pagerank. It’s that simple. That means your sole optimization objective should be to provide the highest quality information you can about your business, to be the best possible website – rich with interesting, helpful, and entertaining content. Good website and social media content equals good Google SEO writing. And you don't have to worry about keyword density, latent semantic indexing, or the latest Google algorithm update.

Google SEO writing from WilsonsWriters is an investment in lead generation and your online brand.

WilsonsWriters Google SEO writing will show customers who are searching online for what you have to offer that you offer more, know more about, and are the best answer to what they are looking for. We anticipate what words or phrases those people will be putting into Google, and make sure the content on your website is the very best relevant information that relates to those words or phrases. Google likes and rewards that, and more importantly, so do your customers.

Watch the Maile Ohye video above for tips on good Google SEO writing practices. These are the optimization practices we follow at WilsonsWriters. Trying to trick Google’s algorithm is not a good strategy. You may get away with it for a time, but Google will eventually catch on. Once Google penalizes you, what you lose in recovering from a drop in ranking will likely cost you more than you ever gained by trying to trick the system. 

An affordable WilsonsWriters retainer to provide Google SEO writing will improve the results of your current website, and assure you that your search engine visibility and web presence are continuously improving.