WilsonsWriters associates combine writing excellence, subject matter expertise, and marketing experience

At WilsonsWriters great writing is just the beginning. 

Our associates combine writing talent, subject matter expertise, and an understanding of marketing principles which they apply to writing assignments. Clients rely on us to help them communicate - simply and effectively -  in the local and global marketplace via their websites, marketing materials, correspondence and more.

 We Professionalize™ existing English language messages into authentic and powerful sales-generating communication by:

Focusing the marketing message

Integrating industry- and client-specific terminology

Eliminating awkward phrasing

Remembering the brand,

Correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.


    WilsonsWriters associates are :

      • highly skilled writers, editors, and proofreaders.
      • knowledgeable about many industries and communicate with authenticity.
      • experienced in marketing and branding strategy and tactics.

      Do you fit the WilsonsWriters associate profile? We are looking for you!

      WilsonsWriters writing associates bring a unique combination of talent and experience to our clients’ projects. Excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills are essential, but only the beginning. We also require subject matter expertise in one or more industries, and experience in at least one area of marketing, for example, public relations, content marketing, or advertising.






      We value experience, commitment to quality, and a strong work ethic. We are highly selective, but can reward you with a wide array of interesting assignments. 



      If you fit the profile, please complete the form below. 

      We are especially looking for writers with extensive knowledge in:

      • Energy 
      • Finance
      • Healthcare/Medical Tourism
      • Legal
      • Medical Devices
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Software/Website Development

      Profiles of typical WilsonsWriters writing associates:

      Sharon L. : has a law degree from University of Maryland and a masters degree in German, French and English translation. Sharon has worked in environmental law, government, and security technology. In her free time, Sharon writes creatively and presents at open forum events. She has worked with WilsonsWriters since 2011. Her personal mantra is "language that obscures meaning is not customer or client friendly." She is dedicated to writing for clarity.

      Patrick H.: has an MBA from University of North Carolina and is a CPA. He has applied his knowledge to a highly successful career as a marketing professional. Patrick’s expertise includes finance, energy, mining, manufacturing, and e-commerce. His love of language began as a child and has continued into adulthood. For Patrick, a game of Scrabble with friends and a glass of wine define a perfect evening. Patrick has been helping WilsonsWriters’ clients  communicate successfully since 2011.

      Laurie W.: received her PhD in English Literature from the University of Indiana and is a published author. With over 30 years in marketing and public relations at Fortune 500 companies, Laurie has a powerful ability to connect products and services to people in a way that drives sales. Her passion is poetry, which she considers the most raw and emotive of all forms of writing. Laurie recently joined WilsonsWriters with a focus on pharmaceuticals and medical devices.


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